Electrical Systems

Electrical and Electronic Systems

Having a home automation system means reducing many of your tasks

We create civil and industrial electrical systems, which are the fundamental infrastructure for conveying electrical energy from the point of delivery to the points where it is used. After the initial period dedicated to the installation of electrical systems, we turned our attention to a field that would later prove to be successful: renewable energy and photovoltaic systems, as well as the world of home automation. We also keep focusing on sectors that still constitute the Company’s Core Business. Over time, by diversifying our offering, we have become a reference company throughout the national territory, even in the fields of CCTV/Video Control, security system integration, structured cabling, access control, parking, home automation, photovoltaics, wireless and IP communication technologies, electrical, and information technology.

Based on the results achieved, we can look to the future with the goal of continuing to guarantee the quality of our services and improving customer satisfaction while maintaining an innovative and diversified product range.

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Electrical Systems for your home

We create civil electrical systems, which form the fundamental infrastructure for transmitting electrical energy from the point of delivery to the locations where it is consumed. Always at the forefront, we stay updated with technological advancements to ensure compliance with the most advanced safety standards, energy efficiency, functionality, and architectural context.
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Electrical outlets and panels

These include electrical distribution and automation panels, lighting systems, LT/MT transformation systems, generators, and utilities.

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We provide comprehensive support throughout the implementation phase, from project design to commissioning, ensuring compliance with state incentives.

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Air Conditioning and
heat pumps

Our electric heat pumps are suitable for use in all types of buildings, whether new or renovated.
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We have consistently designed smart home automation systems, enabling your home to be connected and manageable with a smartphone, allowing you to maintain control.
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Electrical Systems for Your Business

We design and implement electrical and lighting systems,with a particular focus on installations in universities, schools, and commercial activities, among others. For many years, we have been constructing photovoltaic systems, ensuring high-quality products and offering a complete ‘turnkey’ service. This includes custom project development, handling administrative procedures,installation by qualified personnel, and scheduled maintenance..

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LT/MT Substation

Our decades of experience in LT/MT substation installation enable us to provide a comprehensive ‘turnkey’ service to our end-users.

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Maintenance & Relamping

We perform relamping interventions using intelligent brightness management systems combined with LED lighting technology that employs DALI technology.

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Fire Detection

We install detectors in compliance with UNI 9795 standards in tertiary and public environments, utilizing cutting-edge devices in our designs.

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Industry 4.0

With state-of-the-art systems, you can collect data on your activities’ progress and make informed decisions for more effective management.

Quality and Professionalism

We collaborate with professionals from various highly qualified professional and technical fields to deliver a high-quality service.
We use top-quality materials certified to CE ( European conformity mark ) standards and offer clear product warranties that are appreciated by every new customer.
Our technicians are trained to work both with and without voltage and receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date.






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