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Saedo is a dynamic Italian company with extensive experience in the field of electrical and electronic systems. We cater to individuals and collaborate actively with companies, hotels, and shops, aiming to provide highly qualified and specialized services.

The company’s leader, an industrial expert, is a recognized professional in the electrical field, excelling in both system design and implementation, with references spanning various domains. He is supported by a team of individuals, from designers to trusted artisans, to execute any project seamlessly.

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Technological Solutions for Your Home or Business

We offer electrical design services employing leading technical software to size electrical cables and panels according to current regulations. We also utilize software for lighting calculations in various areas. On behalf of the University of Turin, we have successfully implemented a relamping lighting system, ensuring energy efficiency in multiple university classrooms by installing an LED lighting system managed by intelligent DALI sensors. This system replaces existing fluorescent and metal halide lamps, contributing to improved efficiency.

The company collaborates with highly qualified professionals from various professional and technical backgrounds to ensure the provision of quality services. We use top-quality materials certified to CE (European conformity) standards and offer clear product warranties that are appreciated by every new customer.

Our technicians are trained to work in both live and de-energized conditions and undergo continuous training to stay updated in their field.

We guarantee maintenance and repair services, ensuring a response within 24 hours in case of a failure.

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Flexibility and Staff
Flexibility and Highly Qualified Staff

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Quality and Professionalism

We collaborate with professionals from various highly qualified professional and technical fields to deliver a high-quality service.
We use top-quality materials certified to CE ( European conformity mark ) standards and offer clear product warranties that are appreciated by every new customer.
Our technicians are trained to work both with and without voltage and receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date.






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quality and professionalism

Our company profile demonstrates how we can transform your home or business spaces into technologically advanced environments.


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